至高无上的是什么意思 至高无上的在线翻译 至高

至高无上的是什么意思 至高无上的在线翻译 至高雨中即景

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1. 只是两面派一说,倒也并非全然诬枉。林总被迫出山后,两次庐山会议之间,他对把毛捧为中国至高无上的第一号神,居功至伟,责无旁贷。
In my point of view, LB`s crash is not only a conspiracy but also a official tragedy.

2. 适用机型:Nokia s40 3.0 6111,6125,6151,5200,6085,2865,3110c 诺基亚 s60 1.0 N-gage QD,3650,3660,7650,N-gage,QD Nokia s60 2.0 3230,6260,6600,6630,6670,6680,6681,6682,7610,N70,N72 诺基亚 s60 3.0 3250,6682,N91 或屏幕分辩率为176*208的其它机型手机游戏简介:故事发生在未知的魔域世界,传说中有一把充满魔力的生命换取至高无上的神器,它由一名出色的魔法师以身命之躯锻造而成。
The story takes place in Battle of the unknown world of legend in a life full of magic in exchange for the supremacy of the Artifact, which is headed by a good magician who lives in footer from forging.

3. 至高无上的

3. 边沁的观点是快乐和痛苦,作为人类至高无上的主人是有意的人类行动。
Our normative treatment of the utility of temporally extended outcomes adopts a hedonic interpretation of utility, but no endorsement of Bentham`s view of pleasure and pain as sovereign masters of human action is intended.

4. 我读了一些关于宗教和宗教修行、关于禅定和各种不同的鼓吹达到至高无上的方法的书。
I was at one time drawn to Communism, but soon found that it was a retrogressive movement in spite of the many intellectuals who belonged to it.

5. 万人国战、每日举行的帮会暗战、至高无上的国王宝座、独创坐骑玩法、神秘历史剧情,随着封测时间的推进已在游戏中被不断探索和挑战!
War of country of 10 thousand people, daily the kingly throne with held dark battle, sovereign underworld society, original creation sits ride play gut of law, mysterious history, as the propulsion that measures time already was explored ceaselessly in game and challenge!

6. 当提供丰盛的一餐给一个饥饿的人时,这就是所谓的`服务至高无上的主`,因为人只是虚妄投射于神的一个名和相而已。
When a hungry nara is served a hearty meal, what is being done is Narayana Seva, for, nara is only `a form and a name` projected by maya on Narayana.

7. 在一个幽默全无的宇宙里,我们享有这一至高无上的财富。
In a universe which appears to be utterly devoid of humor, we enjoy this supreme luxury.

8. 在一个幽默全无的宇宙里,我们享有这一至高无上的财富。
In the universe which appears to be uderly devoid of humor.

9. 至高无上的在线翻译

9. 显然在至高无上的道德面前,我叔叔的妻子败下阵来;即使在睿智方面,她好像也是个输家。
Watching this tableau vivant of a submissive Afghan bride, I knew that marriage would never be my easy roué to the East.

10. 太和宫整体建筑依居天险、随山就势,充分利用其山形的自然起伏,达到了肃穆庄严、大气磅礴的艺术效果,有着神权至高无上的威严。
Taihe Palace Habitat natural barrier under construction overall, with Hill on the potential, Yamagata make full use of its natural ups and downs, to the solemn silence, Majestic's artistic effect, a theocracy supreme authority.

11. 至高无上的的翻译

11. 而对于一名士兵来说,如果能被分派保卫女王的安全,应该是至高无上的荣耀。
And to a soldier, if can be allocated to defend queenly safety, should be sovereign honor.

12. 这样,作者自古以来拥有的至高无上的权威性被消解了,文本的地位和读者的作用得到了突出。
Thus, the traditional supreme authority POssessed by that extremely conceited authorno longer exists while the status of the text is elevated, and the role of the reader ishighlighed.

13. 漫漫中世纪是极端化了的上帝统治一切的时代,上帝的全知全能和至高无上使希伯来神话中的英雄们缺少了希腊英雄那种抗争与行动的独立意识与主体精神,因此,希伯来神话中的英雄是上帝神性光辉和理性精神的体现者,他们超人的神力和辉煌的英雄业绩不过是为了证明上帝神性之伟大。
Boundless The Middle Ages is the age of God rule the whole shoot, God full of omniscience and almightiness made the heroes in the Hebrew myth wanting of independent consciousness and subjective spirit of Greece heroes trevolting and activity, therefore, The heroes in the Hebrew myth were the embodiment of the godship brilliance and reasonableness spirit of God, Their superhuman power and outstanding achievement is just for proving the greatness of God's divine nature.

14. 特别是戴季陶这样的御用文人,以曲解的手法将孙中山孔子化,将三民主义儒学化,从而使儒学不仅重新获得合法的地位,而且与官方意识形态的三民主义相结合,取得了至高无上的地位,成为中华民国的立国之本。
In particular, such a hack writer Dai Jitao to distort the way the Sun Yat-sen Confucius and Confucianism of the Three Principles of the People, so that Confucianism is not only to regain legal status, but also with the official ideology of the Three Principles of the People combination achieved supremacy, becoming the Republic of China's foundation of our country.

15. 在第十五届和第十六世纪Thomism看到在凯旋游行导致至高无上的圣托马斯的神学王子,当他的神学奠定旁边的神圣圣经在安理会的遄达,和圣皮乌斯五,在1567年宣布他的博士普世教会。
The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries saw Thomism in a triumphal march which led to the crowning of St. Thomas as the Prince of Theologians, when his Summa was laid beside the Sacred Scriptures at the Council of Trent, and St. Pius V, in 1567, proclaimed him a Doctor of the Universal Church.

16. 一个女人的头发是她至高无上的荣耀。
A woman's hair is her crowning glory.

17. 至高无上的

17. 一个可以考虑的头发作为一个人的至高无上的荣耀。
One may consider the hair as a person's crowning glory.

18. 至高无上的的近义词

18. 结构美是大自然至高无上的美,能激发起无限的美感,以致不遗余力地去追求这种美,成为物理学的一种发展动力。
Structure beauty is nature supreme beauty, can stimulate theinfinite esthetic sense, so that sparely no effort pursues this kindof beauty, becomes the physics one kind of development power.

19. 这个时刻,你拥有着至高无上的权力,你获得允许做如下的事情
In this moment, you have the supreme power to do the followings

20. 至高无上的的意思

20. 造物主是全能的,我们宇宙至高无上的权力。一切都在造物主的爱之下。
God is Omnipotent and the supreme power of your Universe, and all is held within God love.

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