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1. CAN bus; experimental system; microcontroller; experimental project

2. Devicenet embedded interface card instruction manual contains the main station, from the station description.

3. DeviceNet

3. Therefore, we design and develop the long-distance management control system of braking train based on the DeviceNet in marshalling yard.

4. This paper presents the control and realization of Motor Control Center based on DeviceNet using PanelView terminal operator.
摘要 本文使用PanelView终端,对基于现场总线的马达控制中心进行控制并给出了具体实现。

5. DeviceNet

5. Application of CAN bus and DeviceNet protocol in substation monitoring and control system.

6. However, the research and development on DeviceNet in China is far behind the market request.

7. In this paper, with the deep studying of DeviceNet protocol

8. They might be the reasons why DeviceNet is not as widely used in China as PROFIBUS.
也许这便是 DeviceNet 在国内的开发技术普及程度不如 PROFIBUS 的原因。

9. You can control the output from the Model T7900D using the keypad and through DeviceNet Communication network.

10. DeviceNet is one of the most important fieldbus techniques, which is the first one set as the national standard in China.

11. Modbus, Pro bus, DeviceNet)○MotorSys motor starters in Blokset can be built with threeranges of motor protection and control relays, with pro
TeSys U:提供了电子式的精确保护,包括过载,相不●平衡,接地故障。另外支持状态监控和简单的数据统计

12. DeviceNet在线翻译

12. Firstly, the realizable ways of signal detection and sample、power circuit and the application of low-consumption model of MSP430 are discussed, by which the required function of current protection and voltage protection can be realized. Secondly, different protection algorithm based on micro-computer are discussed in this article, and from the virtues and defects of Fourier algorithm, an improved algorithm is put forward, and the importance of the improved algorithm is displaced. Thirdly, according to the national standard of GB/T18858.3-2002, the principle of networklization of intelligence trip relay and how to realize it are mentioned. Lastly, using the current conditions, the test of precision is done. The experimental date present that the system is working well and can realize the real-time function of on-line detection.

13. 911查询·英语单词

13. Application of Control Net and Device Net in No.2 Square Billet Continuous Caster in Angang No.1 Steelmaking Plant


14. An electric valve controller with Device Net interfaces is designed.

15. DeviceNet

15. By using the DeviceNet Bus, the automation grade and information level of intelligent switching system of low-tension is upgraded evidently, and then it offers swiftness、convenience and economy for the equipment maintenance.

16. DeviceNet的反义词

16. To increase quality of product and productivity and enhance the systematic stability, the strategy for application of Mitsubishi company's PLC to the out trough system of saccharified winch spool was proposed, and the bus control system based at Device Net was designed.

17. Drive options: Base, Indexing, and Indexing with DeviceNet.

18. The development of DeviceNet and controlling of valve is investigated.

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