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RHJ是什么意思 RHJ在线翻译 RHJ什么意思 RHJ的意思心情散文

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1. RHJ的近义词

1. The Financial Times says that GM and RHJ could sign a memorandum of understanding over the sale of Opel within just days.

2. The results of mechanism research showed that the removal ratio and the biosorption capacity of chromium by the cell wall were much higher than those by the integrated cell, and the capacity of the cell inclusion was only 43.88% of the integrated cell.

3. GM, RHJ and Magna all declined to comment yesterday.

4. GM expects to receive improved bids from BAIC and RHJ in the coming weeks.

5. Last week, RHJ met Lord Mandelson, Britain's business secretary, who has linked any financial aid for GM's European arm to the future of its two Vauxhall plants in Luton and Ellesmere Port.

6. China's Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation was also expected to present an improved offer shortly for Opel, which included Vauxhall operations in the UK, but it entered the sale process later and was not as far along as either RHJ or Magna.

7. One frontrunner to buy the 55 per cent stake in Vauxhall and Opel is RHJ international, a Brussels-based investor.

8. RHJ的意思

8. Magna is no longer really in pole position, a person familiar with RHJ's plans said on Sunday.

9. RHJ的意思

9. But it began due diligence later, and the sale is essentially a two-way race between magna and RHJ.

10. Beijing and RHJ still have a chance, if the Magna talks blow up unexpectedly.

11. As part of its offer, RHJ is promising to repay all state-backed loans for Opel by 2015 and has held talks with governments of most of the European countries that have GM plants.

12. RHJ has caught up very significantly.

13. In its statement, GM said it had also " agreed to continue details talks " with RHJ international, the brussels-listed industrial investment group.

14. The belief that RHJ can run a car company is based partly on its ownership of some car component businesses.

15. RHJ的反义词

15. GM is not commenting on its preferences but has fewer differences with RHJ International, the Brussels-listed industrial group that is also expected to submit a firm offer by today.

16. RHJ now says it plans to hold on to the stake for at least five years.

17. A third bidder which also submitted a late improved offer, RHJ, the Belgian holding company linked to New York private equity house ripplewood, faces hurdles in a country where private equity groups were famously likened to " locusts ".

18. The management of GM, which emerged from bankruptcy in July, believes the terms of the Magna bid are too onerous, and a rival bid from RHJ, a Brussels-based industrial group, would be easier to implement.

19. A second person close to the sale talks said that RHJ and GM were " working in the direction " of signing an memorandum of understanding.

20. The paper introduces the research on RHJ asphalt emulsifiers of cations.

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